Oregon Man Tries To Trade Weed For An SUV—Buys A Day In Court Instead

Weed may be ok in Oregon, but it is not legal tender.

An Albany, Oregon man has been arrested after attempting to trade marijuana for a second hand vehicle. Last week, a car dealer in Albany posted an older model Mazda SUV for sale online. He was then contacted by Matthew Theron Franks, 38, who offered to trade the dealer an undisclosed amount of marijuana for the vehicle.

"The dealer received a message from a potential buyer requesting to trade a substantial amount of marijuana for the vehicle," Albany police told KVAL. "The auto dealer contacted the Linn Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce for assistance. An investigator from LINE made contact with the purchaser and an agreed upon amount was established in trade for the vehicle."

When Franks arrived at the location to make the exchange instead of receiving the car he was expecting he was taken into custody by narcotics officers. He was then placed in the Linn County Jail on a charge of Unlawful Delivery of Marijuana for Consideration and the 5.4 pounds of marijuana that was seized—which is around $29,000 worth of post-tax legal weed in Oregon. That put Franks way above the legal maximum for personal possession of eight ounces. But apparently that wasn't even the agreed upon amount.

"He didn't quite come with the full amount that he agreed upon," Albany Police Captain Brad Liles said. "You don't know what you'll see from that side of the world."

A word of advice, if you're gonna barter weed for cars you might want to try a private sale—not a dealership.


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