Oregon Could Become First State to Legally Export Marijuana

While legal marijuana states allow companies to grow and sell cannabis, they prevent them from doing so beyond state borders. But that may soon change for Oregon cannabis companies.

The Craft Cannabis Alliance in Oregon, a trade association for the marijuana industry, is working with Oregon politicians to create a new law that will allow the state's cannabis companies to export their products to other states. According to a draft version of the bill, Oregon cannabis companies would be allowed to export their products to other legal marijuana states as long as the other legal state has agreed to import cannabis.

Oregon cannabis companies are particularly interested in exporting marijuana due to the state's plummeting prices on cannabis. The state has a large overproduction of marijuana, which means they have far more supply than demand, which also means the cost of cannabis is dropping rapidly. Some companies are struggling to turn a profit with these low costs, and are hoping to push their cannabis to other states where the cost is higher and hopefully improve their bottom lines.

The biggest issue preventing this from happening is whether it's actually legal. While states legalizing marijuana is already a gray area since the drug is illegal at the federal level, interstate commerce (meaning trade between states) is definitely under the domain of the federal government. So while a cannabis company growing and selling marijuana in its home state may be legal, it's definitely not legal to then bring that marijuana to another state without violating federal law.

This actually isn't the first time Oregon has considered this idea. A bill to allow marijuana exports was introduced in 2017 but was shot down. And even if Oregon passes this bill, they'd have to convince other legal marijuana states to accept importing marijuana.

So unfortunately, it's hard to imagine this happening without the federal government changing their own marijuana laws.

(h/t Insurance Journal)


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