This Oregon Dispensary Says Their Shop Is Haunted...And They Can Prove It

A cannabis dispensary in downtown Oregon City says their store is haunted, and they have security footage to prove it.

Back in August, Five Zero Trees employee Andy Gomez allegedly watched a glass jar move across the counter seemingly all by itself.

"As it happened I kind of felt like someone was standing next to me, like somebody was right here," Gomez told WPTV.

Later, when reviewing the security footage Gomez also saw a handful of pens in a cup appear to move on their own accord. Nobody was in the room at the time. And since cannabis stores in Oregon aren't allowed to mess with their security recordings, the likelihood that the camera footage has been edited is slim.

Does that mean there are spirits afoot? Five Zero's general manager Samantha Davison thinks so. Since the dispensary is located inside what was once a pharmacy, Davison speculates it's haunted by the ghost of a former pharmacist who "likes to organize things."

The dispensary even hired Rocky Smith, a paranormal investigator, to come check it out. Smith owns a local business called Haunted Oregon City that gives ghost tours and investigates strange goings on. He says a lot of ghost sightings happen in the city because much of the new development has been built on top of older buildings. As for the events at Five Zero, Smith says it's hard to say.

"It's very hard to explain that. So it leaves you with a question of what is it that's causing this?"

You can decide for yourself by watching the security footage below. Regardless of the cause, marijuana consumers love horror, and Oregon's haunted pot shop is probably going to be a popular attraction come this Halloween.


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