Activists in Oregon and Colorado Are Looking to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

As the fight to legalize marijuana continues going well in the United States, some have wondered if there's a second phase to the movement. And we may now know what it will focus on.

Activists in Oregon and Denver, Colorado are working on ballot measures that would decriminalize magic mushrooms. Recent research shows that mushrooms can be effective treatment for depression and anxiety, and activists think at the very least that's justification to remove criminal penalties for possession or using the drug.

“We don’t want individuals to lose their freedom over something that’s natural and has health benefits,” Kevin Matthews, the campaign director of the group working to decriminalize magic mushrooms in Denver, told the Daily Beast.

A recent campaign to decriminalize mushrooms in California failed, although that campaign would have also decriminalized the sale and transport of shrooms as well. Neither of the efforts in Oregon and Denver would do the same.

The campaigns behind the mushrooms movement obviously believe that recreational marijuana is good for their cause. They believe that it's a somewhat natural progression to go from cannabis to shrooms.

However medical evidence shows that mushrooms do a lot more to the human brain that could be damaging than marijuana. But generally the drug is considered less dangerous than other illegal narcotics, just like cannabis.

The Denver campaign has begun collecting signatures for their ballot initiative in hopes of getting it voted on this November. The Oregon measure is targeting 2020 for its own initiative.

(h/t Daily Beast)


Nowadays, would your parents still be upset if they caught you consuming cannabis? Parents these days have much more progressive opinions on cannabis, and perhaps if they caught their kids consuming, they wouldn't necessarily punish them. While some parents still want their children to wait until the legal age to consume (if they choose to do so, at all), others don't believe it would be the end of the world if they "caught" their kids smoking pot earlier than that.

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