She Promised Oral Sex To Italians Who Voted 'No' In A Referendum. And She's Delivering

An Italian glamor model is embarking on a nationwide fellatio tour after promising to perform oral sex on everyone who voted "no" in the country’s recent referendum.

“I am a woman of my word,” Paola Saulino told fans while announcing tour dates to reward those who voted ‘no’ in a referendum to amend the Italian constitution to change how parliament is run.

Voters rejected the proposal 60 per cent to 40, perhaps inspired by Saulino’s vow that “those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January.” Pompa is Italian slang for oral sex.

Saulino works in Los Angeles but says she will fly home to Italy for the 10-city tour, which includes Rome, Florence and Milan.

While some have speculated that Saulino’s promise is an ongoing publicity stunt, her social media posts suggest otherwise.

“Someone asked me how far I will go on this story. It will go ahead,” she posted on Instagram.

‘No’ voters hoping to collect their reward must first fill out a booking form and send it to Saulino.

“Details will be provided in response to a private mail, in order to ensure the utmost confidentiality and serenity, attached you will find the booking form with a number which must be completed and sent,” she wrote on Facebook.

Saulino isn’t the only celebrity to promise sex acts in exchange for political votes this year. Madonna offered oral sex to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton in the U.S. election, but there’s no word yet on whether that offer is still valid following Clinton's loss. 

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