7 People Died from Opioid Overdoses in One Ohio County in the Same Day

We often hear that America's in an opioid epidemic, but it can be hard to understand what that means. Well this following story will help you understand why people think this issue is so important.

Seven people died of drug overdoses in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on Saturday. The medical examiner is still trying to determine what drug was used in each of the overdoses, and says that the cases aren't linked beyond that they all overdosed on the same day.

Ohio is one of the biggest states to be affected by the opioid epidemic. Last August, 52 people overdosed in Cuyahoga County on either heroin or fentanyl. There have also been a series of overdoses in Akron and Cincinnati from people using an animal sedative called carfentanil. 

The state of Ohio is currently in the process of implementing a medical marijuana program, that has a deadline to launch by this September. Studies show that states with legalized medical marijuana have lower rates of opioid abuse than those that do not. However, there are some fears that the Ohio medical cannabis program will be too restrictive to actually make much of a difference. 

(h/t Fox 17)


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