A Closer Look At The Opioid Epidemic's Impact On The American Family

The opioid epidemic is reshaping the American family we we know it. As the unprecedented death toll continues to rise, more and more children are becoming 'opioid orphans.' Meanwhile, the kids of the 2.6 million Americans struggling with addiction are at risk of becoming victims of neglect.

And when those adults can no longer take care of their children, grandparents often have to step up and put the pieces of their fragmented families back together. A duty that presents many daunting challenges beyond the rising costs of raising kids. For a closer look at how families have pulled together after being torn apart by addition, check out the above video courtesy of Vox.


A bird trained to tipoff drug dealers has been seized by police in Northern Brazil. It's not uncommon for people dealing in illegal substances to have some sort of early warning system to let them know if the authorities are approaching. Silent alarms, watchdogs and human guards are all common.

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