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Ophelia Chong's Unsung Cannabis Community Winners of 2017

It's that time of year where people look back on the achievements and milestones of the year that was. I created this list in reaction to the number of posts I was seeing “Vote for Me”.

The word “me” is singular, based on ego and about self-gratification, it is not about the whole of our community. Yes, we do want a pat on the back occasionally when we work towards inclusiveness and legalization, but it is not what we work for.

When we base our worth on awards and accolades, we are not doing it for “us”.

This list is based on personal interaction and the posts they created, these people are about “us” not “me”. They are the ones that shine bright, not the ones that want the light shone on them.

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Emalee Hyde for fighting for us.
Lee Hopcraft for being a giant baby.
Katie Partlow for being the master of the 3-ring circus.
Ottum Yates for being who speaks her truth.
Sara Conrad for being the best at getting the word out.
Cara Cordoni for raising awareness.
Tara DeWitt Coomans for making cannabis PR real.
Heather Manus for nursing us all.
Juhlzie Kilowatt Monteiro for bravery, courage and strength.
Carson Higby Flowers: For being the guy who educated me about others in the industry.
Steve Charles Danks for not giving up.
Peatty Cecilia Hunt for being a true healer.
Dennis Park for being another Asian stepping up and representing.
Danh Hoang for saving my ass more than once.
Miguel Miggy for just being Miggy.
Jackie Subeck for being the voice at City Hall. 
Mitchell Koulouris for making the best edible, and keeping his soul.
Danny Danko for giving the best bear hugs.
Sarah Stenuf for fighting the good fight for those who can't.
Susan Soares for caring and kindness.
Leslie Stern for being the "Lady Who Can Sell".
Ed Wray for making his own path.
Dominic Ripoli for being the Good Green. 
Jayn Green for being the Fighting Green.
Bianca Green for getting us to talk about it.
SaraMitra Payan for educating us with the truth.
Ricardo Pereyda for being the cranky guy that I admire and love.
Jeanine Moss for rethinking how we carry, and for being patient with me.
Kristin Jordan for standing up for those who can't.
Debby Goldsberry for the best lounge and farmer's market!
Derek Riedle for being my fave Canuck and publisher.
Sam Zartoshty for not hitting me and hugging me instead.
Lizzy Jeff for being her beautiful voice and strength.
Jennifer Korsen for her art/love/inspiration/angel wings.
Diane Wattles Goldstein for being just who she is.
Jim McAlpine for being my fave tall bald guy who creates stuff.
Amanda Reiman for making space for us all.
Tom Lauerman for the best DAMN beard and flower. 
Sharon Letts for getting me started.
Elise McDonough 4 not hating me 4 emailing the wrong Elise. 
Liz Rudner for being the best cookie maker ever.
Ryan Hudson for not standing down. 
Kristen Angelo for believing in herself and her art.
Carl Saling for rolling the best. 
Wanda L. James for being true.
Shango Los for telling us how it really is.
Dominic Corva for being taller than me.
Justin Palmatier for his love and care about patients.
Kayla Arielle for being the bravest.
Anh Solis for being my soul sister. 
Michael J. Katz for being the guy with the best ideas.
Chris Sayegh for making me love cooking with cannabis. 
Lindsay Goldner for being the one I look up to. 
Alexis d'Angelo for making her own path.
Lisa Campbell for being the Wonder Woman of cannabis. 
Karen Petersen for taking a chance on cannabis as a publisher.
Adam Mintz for not being a salesman and being an innovator.
Michael P. Whiter for being my friend.
Sage Amdahl for being the one who stays true.
Catherine Goldberg for showing me Shabbat love.
Vivian McPeak for being the man who started it.
Jessica Eriksen for being the master Mad Hatter.
Kevin W Cranford Jr. - you are the best, sir.
Blake Billings for being the best "hey, you know you can do it" friend.
Al Kee for being my best cousin in weed.
Michael A. Stusser for being the host of the hosts.
Renee Melodie Gagnon for just being. 
Danilo Tj Magallanes for being spicy.
Kelly KaiKai Hsu for surviving and for loving your family first.
Catherine Enny for being most organized of all events (and patient).
Alice Moon for being the sweetest.
Cindy Lu for making all of us breathe easier.
Jessi Cox for helping us work better and faster.
D'Angelo Carmine Roberto for being totally adorable.
Robert D Latta for being you.
CM Weeks for being the one in the know and for being a good friend.
Jus Momuh for being the Style Maven of Garberville, and being dang smart too.
Mark Rutherford for making images that matter.
Cara Luhring for being best at answering stuff.
Kevin Jodrey for best golden tarp ever.
Ryan Miller for being the supporter of the brave.
Leslie La Duke Banionis for launching her topicals. 
Kristin Heidelbach-Teramoto for best cheerleader.
Ashley Manta for the being the Maven of Sex.
Terre Cutrone-lowe for best "thumbs up" supporter.
Seibo Shen for best enthusiastic idea maker.
Chris Husong for the best box ever, really.
Takiya Anthony-Price for being the most fun interviewer ever, really.
Therèsè Carrozzino for best of the strongest, and a magic maker.
Amy Yamamura for best coolest designer for Wildflower.
Cynthia Salarizadeh for best maker of getting stuff done.
Warren Bobrow for writing the best damn cannabis mocktail book ever.
Clint Younge for the guy who wouldn't give you up. (Rickroll please!)
Omar Figueroa for being really, really smart and informative.
Ricardo Baca for being the guy that lifts everyone up.
Jamie Cooper for best at pushing everyone forward.
Tara Gita for bending us the right way.
Karyn Wagner for being the best person to ask the hard questions.
Cheri Sicard for best trailblazer.
Allie Butler for best bud ever.
Jessica Brown for best door-kicker and survivor.
David Rhee for being the best at making people smile.
Seth Frederick for being the guy who has your 6.
Rhonda Olson for being the bitch who makes TGIF the best. 
Edward Asap Chien for creating the best festivals ever.
James Joung for blazing the trail for us Asians.
Hal Lewis for being the best spreader of love and Zen.
Jaene Leonard for making us laugh when we needed it.
Monica Lo for making stuff we adore.
Jake Plowden for bravery and for making inroads. 
Ilana Sugar Bull for rainbows and love.
Gurudarshan Khalsa for showing us how to live and love.
Felicia Carbajal for fighting for those who need a true voice.
Stefan Borst-Censullo for being "The Connector".
Charlene Freedom for being the poster girl for fortitude.
Abigail Ross for taking the leap and believing.
Chris J. Russo for capturing history.
Jamie Shaw for being a voice for the rest of us.
Wayne Justmann for being Patient #1.
Pamela Squatch for being a voice for history.
Lelehnia Du Bois for being always there. 
OB Gold for being the historian.
Alison Draisin for her cannabis knowledge and activism.
William Pedro for being the most patient grower ever.
Chris LaPrise for creating art that inspires.
Jeffrey Peron for keeping history alive.


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