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The Biggest Online Dating Deal-Breakers Have Finally Been Revealed

Looking for love? A new study recommends taking off your pants – but only if they’re cargo shorts, and only for the purpose of putting on a less repellent pair of trousers.

This is just one takeaway from data collected by Hater, the dating app that pairs you up with people who loathe the same things as you.

Researchers divided the app's male users by the most attractive 10 percent (determined by those who received the most right swipes), and the least attractive 10 percent (determined by those who received the most left swipes.)

Men in the lowest 10 percent made their love of cargo shorts, anime, Pokémon Go, and Windows OS abundantly clear in their dating profiles.

Dudes in the top 10 percent, on the other hand, were really into Pabst Blue Ribbon, superfoods, the Serial podcast, and Airbnb. They also opted not for cargo shorts, but for v-neck sweaters, skinny jeans and J. Crew.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should necessarily toss out your favourite trousers and uninstall Pokémon Go, but you may want to consider the prominent role such unpopular affinities play in your profile.

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Alternately, you could refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t appreciate all the little quirks that make you you – pants no male over the age of 14 should be wearing and all.

h/t Men's Health


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