Nearly 1/3 Of Americans Think Cannabis Consumption Is Morally Objectionable

Most people don't have a moral dilemma when they see a joint getting passed around, but a surprisingly large number of Americans say they are morally opposed to marijuana.

In a survey conducted by Gallup to measure how Americans viewed the moral ramification of various lifestyles and activities, cannabis use garnered support from nearly 2/3 of respondents. In total, 65 percent of respondents said smoking weed is morally acceptable. That puts good ol' Mary Jane a little behind alcohol on the moral-acceptability-scale, with 78 percent of respondents believing drinking is OK. In fact, the only thing on Gallup's 22-item list that Americans said was more acceptable than alcohol was birth control, which is a welcome sight for reproductive rights activists.

Meanwhile, legalization activists are probably astounded to see that 31 percent of respondents said smoking marijuana is morally objectionable.

Divorce, premarital sex, gambling, same-sex relationships and stem cell research were all considered more morally acceptable than cannabis. Some of these things are not as surprising as they are disheartening. The fact that 30 percent of Americans continue to take issue with gay and lesbian relations is discouraging to say the least. And the fact that only a fraction more people think capital punishment is worse than cannabis use and same-sex relations is frankly astounding (the death penalty holds a 33% disapproval rate while cannabis and same-sex relations are 31 and 30% respectively).

But the title of 'most immoral act in America' is married people having an affair. More than three-quarters of respondents (88 percent) said extramarital affairs were morally objectionable. 

Gallup also found that attending church appears to color people's attitudes toward marijuana. People who attended church every week were far more disapproving of cannabis than people who attended once a month or less. There also might be a correlation between education and acceptance as respondents with higher levels of education were more permissive toward marijuana. 

Check out the full poll results here.


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