One of Jennifer Lawrence’s First Acting Roles Was the Whopper Jr’s Girlfriend in This Burger King Commercial

Before most movie and TV actors become known for their work in movies and TV, they start their careers in commercials. Jennifer Lawrence is among one of these actors who started her career as an actor in commercials, before moving on to bigger roles like “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle”, which earned her an Oscar nomination and win. One of the first commercials Lawrence appeared in as a teenager was for Burger King.

In the Burger King commercial, Lawrence plays a young teen who plays Whopper Jr.’s girlfriend. While the two are cozying up and flirting with some puns like, “I’m just saying, that with me, you always have it your way, ‘cause girl I am made to order,” they are interrupted by Whopper Jr.’s dad, the original Whopper. As the father and son Whoppers argue because Jr. is selling himself for only $1, Lawrence shows off her acting skills when she covers her face in embarrassment. Lawrence’s first acting roles included a few commercials in addition to Burger King, which eventually led her to become an award-winning actor.


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