One Lucky Voter Will Win Free Cannabis For A Year

Any politician will tell you that one of the hardest parts of winning an election is getting voters into voting booths. But this year, cannabis consumers have a special, sticky-icky incentive to exercise their democratic rights thanks to the self-proclaimed Facebook of cannabis

The website has launched a contest that will award one lucky voter with a year's worth of free marijuana. The idea is to help boost support for the 9 ballot initiatives that would legalize recreational cannabis use in states like California or medical marijuana in states like Arkansas. 

And the website's CEO Curt Dalton thinks the contest could also be a huge windfall for medical marijuana patients in America.

"No cost weed for a year can really help new medical marijuana patients with the costs of medicine as most health insurance companies won't cover marijuana strains as medicine, yet," he said via press release.

But the contest isn't restricted to patients. Anyone living in a state where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational consumption is eligible. But they have to be at least 21 years old. And the contest winner will have to abide by the state law in which they live. The winner will be announced next April 20 (see what they did there?) so that residents in states that could legalize marijuana this November would be eligible to enter.

So what does free cannabis for a year look like? According to the, it's over 2,800 joints or over 200 batches of brownies. For details on how to throw your name into the ring, check out the site's press release or watch this video.


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