One in Seven Adults in the United States Use Marijuana

Marijuana is now legal in more and more states, so you know there's an increasing number of Americans enjoying their new legal rights. But you may be surprised to find out just how many there are.

A new poll found that one in seven adults in the United States have used marijuana in the past year. This number is based off a survey conducted by a group of researchers who polled over 16,000 Americans about the subject. About 14.6 percent of respondents said they'd used marijuana in the past year, and 8.7 percent said they had done so in the past month before the poll. 

Unsurprisingly, states with legalized recreational marijuana had higher rates, with 20 percent of adults in fully legal states saying they had used cannabis in the past year. 14.1 percent of adults living in medical only states and 12 percent in completely illegal states said they had used cannabis in the past year. Adults aged 18 to 34 were the demographic that reported the highest rates of cannabis use.

These numbers are roughly in line with other polls on the subject, that generally show around 12 to 15 percent of American adults considering themselves marijuana users.

Of course, we can't wait to see the numbers once all 50 states finally legalize cannabis.

(h/t Healio)


No matter how you partake, the timeline of a nice cannabis session is often the same. Things change a lot as the minutes tick by, and there's definitely a turning point, when things get a little more serious. So next time you have a smoke or an edible, see if your timeline matches up with this one.

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