Study Says Old People Can Begin Believing Their Own Lies

Have you ever heard someone say another person lies so much, they're actually starting to believe their own BS? Well if they're referring to an old person, it may be true.

A new study found that older people are far more likely to believe a lie they told as being the truth, even if they made it up less than an hour before. The researchers asked study participants to answer a series of questions, and told them to lie on half of them. They then asked the participants to answer the questions again 45 minutes later, but this time answer them truthfully. They found that participants who were 60 to 92 were more likely to answer that the lie they told 45 minutes earlier was the truth than participants who were 18 to 24.

"Once they've committed to a lie, it's going to alter whether they remember doing something," said Laura Paige, one of the researchers behind the study.

The participants were hooked up to an EEG machine, and the study showed that when the older participants were lying, the part of the brain responsible for memory was active. So essentially, when an older person is lying, the memory part of their brain is also working, so the lie actually becomes a new memory. They literally don't realize they're lying because they've created a whole new memory where the lie is the truth.

So I guess now we know why they're so susceptible to believing Fox News.

(h/t Brandeis)


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