Oklahoma Politicians Are Trying to Gut the State's Medical Marijuana Laws Before Voters Get a Say

This June, Oklahoma voters will decide whether or not the state should legalize medical marijuana. But before any votes are cast, Oklahoma lawmakers are already trying to gut the law.

The Oklahoma Senate recently passed a bill that largely restricts what the state's voters will get if they pass medical marijuana this June. The Senate decided to impose restrictions on the medical marijuana industry to prevent the voters from getting an actual choice. The bill will only allow medical marijuana for the most serious conditions, limits the state to five marijuana producers, bans people from growing their own cannabis at home and more. The bill will now go to the state's House of Representatives for a vote.

It's clear that Oklahoma lawmakers were clearly concerned that the upcoming ballot initiative would pass and the state would get legalized medical marijuana. So instead of letting the voters decide what they want, they decided to institute their own strict version of the program to maintain control on the situation.

Of course, if lawmakers know voters want medical marijuana, shouldn't they embrace it as well? They need votes to stay in office, and they've basically decided to gut the decision making ability away from the people who decided whether or not they keep their jobs.

Hopefully Oklahoma voters make a stand this year and vote out all the lawmakers trying to strip away their authority.

(h/t NORML)


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