Oklahoma Board Of Health Seeks To Ban Sale Of Smokeable Cannabis

Oklahoma may have just passed a fairly progressive medical marijuana law, but that hasn't stopped lawmakers from throwing up road blocks along the path to legalization. On Tuesday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health moved to ban smokeable cannabis products.

The state's decision is drawing fire from the Oklahoma branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They believe the government's move conflicts with the desires of voters and restricts the rights of patients.

"I think that what the health department did today is potentially so far outside of what they’re allowed to do under State Question 788 that it could be overturned by a court," Ryan Kiesel of the ACLU told News4.

"Smokeable marijuana or marijuana products derived from the smokeable parts of the plant are the best delivery systems for some patients. And, those need to be made on a case-by-case basis," he added.

But the Oklahoma Board of Health is prepared for the fight.

"I would expect some type of litigation to be filed about these rules, regardless," said Interim Health Commissioner Tom Bates. "If and when that occurs, we will defend the rules that the board has passed and just take it from there."

Smoking has become a contentious issue in a number of jurisdictions, with states like Florida also moving to ban it. And while the joint is the preferred method of consuming cannabis for many right now, things are liable to change as more states legalize and secondhand smoke may become less of a concern.

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