Oklahoma Activist Gets Head Rammed in to Door by Police While Escorted Out of Marijuana Forum

For some reason marijuana legalization is a topic that tends to get people heated. But apparently now activists are getting their heads slammed into doors for their opinion as well.

Chip Paul is a medical marijuana activist living in Oklahoma. A few days ago, Paul attended a forum to discuss a ballot initiative that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. According to Paul, at one point he got frustrated with the information being presented. He then said a police deputy grabbed him and said if he was getting frustrated he could leave. Paul said he would be quiet, but the deputy then grabbed him by the neck and escorted him out of the forum. As he was leaving the forum, Paul says the deputy rammed his head into a door. 

Here is a video captured by Paul's wife of the incident:

As you can see clearly in the video, Paul does hit his head on the door as he's being escorted out.

The police claim that Paul's story isn't accurate. The officer who escorted Paul out says that the activist was talking during the forum and was asked to wait until the discussion period to have his views heard. After he was warned to stop talking when not permitted, the deputy escorted him out of the forum.

While the deputy acknowledges he helped him by the neck ("not in a choke hold"), he says he did not purposefully ram Paul's head into the door. In fact, the deputy claims Paul hit his head on the door himself to provoke an incident. 

The ACLU of Oklahoma has spoken out against the incident, and Paul says he will explore legal options.

(h/t The Wichita Eagle)


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