Ohio State University Now Has a Bacon Vending Machine

Everyone loves bacon. Whether it's on a burger, wrapped around an appetizer, or just sitting next to your eggs at breakfast, bacon is always delicious. But do you love bacon enough to buy it out of a vending machine?

Ohio State University has recently installed a bacon vending machine on their campus. All products in the machine are $1, and they're made to be shelf-stable, meaning they don't require refrigeration and students can eat the bacon right after getting it out of the machine.

The machine was installed thanks to a partnership between the university and the Ohio Pork Council, an organization that promotes the pork industry in the state. All proceeds for the bacon vending machine will go to help fund Ohio State University's Meat Science Program, in which studies can study "the underlying principles of biology, physiology, and nutrition that drive animal growth and the impact they have on meat quality." Students in the Meat Science Program will also be in charge of restocking the vending machine.

However if you're someone looking to find a college for next year, don't send your application to Ohio State thinking you'll be enjoying $1 bacon every day. The university will only be keeping the vending machine until December 13th.

Honestly, it can't be any worse than other foods you get out of vending machines.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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