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Ohio Could Join Michigan By Adding a Marijuana Legalization Initiative to November Ballot

Michigan is making headlines for a November ballot initiative that could legalize recreational marijuana in the state. But it turns out they may not be the only state in the Midwest that approves cannabis this November.

An initiative in Ohio to legalize recreational marijuana has passed the first hurdle in an effort to make it onto the November 2018 ballot. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine certified a petition for a state constitutional amendment that will legalize the possession, use and sale of cannabis in the state. The next step is the petition must be examined by the Ohio Ballot Board to determine if the amendment should be one issue or split into multiple. If it's approved by the Ballot Board (which seems highly likely), supporters of the measure will need to collect 305,591signatures from registered voters.

This wouldn't be the first time Ohio attempted to legalize recreational marijuana. In 2015, voters went to the polls for a similar amendment that was defeated with 65 percent of the vote against it. However, that proposal was heavily criticized because it appeared to create a monopoly on the state's cannabis industry, which meant several pro-legalization groups did not support it and the ones that did approve of it did so with about as little enthusiasm imaginable.

The new proposal would not have the same provisions that could create a cannabis monopoly and is more similar to legalization measures passed in other states. 

Suddenly, Ohio seems a lot more cool.



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