Pro-tip: if you're gonna call the police to help you out, you should probably hide your weed first.

Last Thursday, police in Westlake, Ohio responded to a call from a man who had locked himself out of his car, leaving himself stranded at a local restaurant. When officers arrived to help out the hapless motorist, they found a glass pipe and a weed grinder left in plain view sitting on the vehicle's console. Police also reported that there was a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car.

To make matters worse, the call was completely unnecessary. The driver called the cops thinking that his keys were locked in the car. But when they opened the vehicle, his keys were nowhere to be found. Turns out, they were in the pocket of a sweater he left inside the restaurant.

Luckily getting locked out of the car didn't end up with him getting locked in jail. The man received a citation for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

Next time, he might want to order delivery when he gets the munchies.

H/T: News 5 Cleveland