Watch: Ohio Governor Says Voting 'No' On Marijuana Prevented Overdoses

In a recent interview on the ABC station in Cleveland, Ohio Governor John Kasich made a rather surprising link between the recent failed attempt to legalize cannabis in the state and ongoing problems with drugs like heroin: "Thank goodness we defeated making drugs legal," he said, "because if there is any big crisis we need to constantly face, it is this crisis of overdoses."

He made this statement even though overdoses are not considered a potential risk for cannabis consumers, as they are with drugs like heroin.

However, legalization advocates will be encouraged by aspects of his interview. He does say he's open to introducing medical marijuana if state doctors recommend the government do so.

You can listen to the interview below. The portion on marijuana begins around the six-minute mark.

Banner Image of Ohio Governor John Kasich At An Education Summit by Flickr User Michael Vadon


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