Tons of Outraged Ohio Moms Think The Ohio State Buckeyes Have Pot Leaves On Their Helmets

Moms in Ohio are freaking out about the Ohio State Buckeyes allegedly decorating their football helmets with cannabis leaves. And this has been happening for years, according to the sports site SB Nation, which found angry tweets about the team's helmets dating all the way back to 2010.

That might sound ridiculous to outsiders, but if you take a look at the helmets in question, you'll see what those moms are talking about. 

ohio buckeye helmet

Now, if you find yourself looking at those little round stickers on the Buckeyes' helmets thinking to yourself "those do kind of look like pot leaves," you are mistaken. You see, the images on the stickers are actually little buckeye leaves, the plant the team derives its name from. The team has a long history of awarding strong players with the little sticker to decorate their helmets.

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A buckeye leaf

Now, you'd be forgiven for mistaking the image on these tiny stickers for pot leaves as the buckeye leaf does have a certain marijuana-ness about it. Still, you should probably let your mom know that she doesn't need to worry about the local football team promoting cannabis


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