Ohio Bans CBD Oil, Even Though Medical Marijuana is Legal

Many states allow CBD oil sales even if they still keep medical marijuana illegal. However the state of Ohio has decided to turn it the other way around.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy says that all products derived from marijuana, including CBD oil, are to be considered medical marijuana and can only be sold in licensed dispensaries. This is a pretty unusual stance, considering the state has allowed stores to sell CBD products for years before the state legalized medical marijuana. 

The question is whether or not people will need a prescription to purchase CBD oil, or if anyone can simply go to a dispensary in Ohio and purchase CBD products.

One of the bigger worries with this change is that the price for CBD products will skyrocket. Previously dispensaries selling CBD oil were competing with any number of stores in Ohio selling the same thing. But now dispensaries will basically have a monopoly on these products, and can raise prices knowing they no longer have as much competition. 

It just seems weird that a state would previously say CBD oil is ok, and then when they take the even further step of legalizing medical marijuana, they suddenly decide that CBD oil actually isn't ok.

(h/t WPXI)


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