Think of the last time you felt truly carefree.

It was in a bouncy castle, wasn’t it?

Well, a Belgian company has good news for all who wish to restore that youthful exuberance. V-Formation, which specializes in custom-made inflatables for adults, has created the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course – and it’s going on tour.

The Beast measures 839 feet long, spans more than two football fields, contains two million liters of air and weighs roughly 12,000 pounds. It features 32 different pieces that can be assembled to your preferences, ranging from inflatable walls and rings to massive nets and bouncy balls for your hopping pleasure.

The course was created as a way to let adults “relive their teenage years again”, although it’s also safe for children as well.

While The Beast is currently based in Belgium, it’s already slated to travel to seven different countries this year for festivals, fundraisers, family outings and corporate activities (you thinking what I’m thinking?)

If you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom anytime soon, the course has two confirmed gigs there in the near future, both in Kent: April 29-30 for the Extreme Festival at the Groombridge Palace Estates, and May 26-29 at Betteshanger Country Park.

Can’t make it to the UK but have a boss with deep pockets and a deeper passion for team building activities? You can reach out to the company and book the course for an event here.

h/t Travel and Leisure