Check Out These Deleted Scenes From 'Groundhog Day'

In case you haven't seen it, the 1993 classic comedy Groundhog Day features Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a cranky weatherman stuck in a timeloop that makes him relive the same day again and again -- from waking up to Sonny and Cher's 'I Got You Babe', to tucking himself into bed at his hotel in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania.

But when the film was first released, audiences didn't get to see every moment of the day that Connors repeated for years. Some sequences wound up on the  cutting room floor and were later included as deleted scenes in the DVD rerelease of the film. So to celebrate Groundhog Day, check out these deleted scenes from the movie -- all featuring Bill Murray as Phil Connors.

1. The Ice Sculpture Massacre

Before his reformation began, Phil vented his frustrations with the time loop by massacring ice sculptures of groundhogs in a scene that's like Edward Scissorhands meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Or maybe it's really an homage to Cool Hand Luke.

2. Moonlighting as a Crossing Guard

After decapitating sculptures, Phil decided to spend his time helping the people of Punxsatawney. Like this little girl who forgot the cardinal rule about crossing the street.

3. Dr. Connors

Phil also dedicated time to studying medicine. 

4. The Hustler

But Phil didn't spend all of his time acting as Punxsatawney's guardian angel. He also learned some serious chops at pool. Check out Murray channeling his inner Paul Newman.

5. The Perfect Game

He also became a local hero by bowling a perfect game.

6. Punxsatawney's Poet Laureate

And he dabbled in poetry when not in the pool hall or bowling alley. Here's his verses for one local that Phil couldn't save.

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