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German Businessman Turning Nuclear Bunker into Marijuana Farm

The world is less worried about possible nuclear annihilation today than it was 30 or more years ago (although with Trump's tweets about North Korea, maybe that shouldn't be the case). So now the world is left with tons of nuclear shelters and no use for them. Well one German man has found a possible solution: turning them into marijuana farms.

After Germany legalized medical marijuana last March, Christoph Rossner knew he needed a large space that could adequately fit a large cannabis grow operation. He decided the Memmingen military base, a shelter in Germany that NATO wanted to use to launch nuclear weapons at Russia. NATO never actually stored weapons there, and since 2003 the shelter's been completely abandoned. Now Rossner is petitioning the Germany government to allow him to grow marijuana there.

There are several reasons Rossner would want to use the nuclear bunker for his marijuana farm. One is it's a 11,000-square-foot facility, which is a pretty large commercial space that isn't necessarily easy to find in Germany. Another is that the bunker already has an industrial furnace, which was once used to destroy toxic materials, but will be used now to incinerate excess marijuana supply, which is a requirement of Germany's marijuana laws. 

Of course, turning a nuclear bunker into a marijuana farm isn't as easy as bring in some pots and dirt. The facility would need a major renovation, which would cost approximately $2 million. But Rossner says if the government approves his permit in the near future, he could begin cultivating plants for the medical market by this spring. That has to be attractive to the German government, considering the country's medical marijuana program is seeing a surge in demand but a huge lack of supply.

And if Trump ever decides to hit the nuclear button, at least we know one place where weed will be safe.

(h/t Business Insider)


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