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Here Are All the Possible Marijuana Ballot Initiatives for This November

This November, marijuana activists are excited about the possibility of legalizing marijuana in several new states. But it may be confusing as to where all the actual initiatives are. So here's a breakdown of all the possible marijuana initiatives this November.

Before November occurs, the state of Oklahoma will vote in June on a measure to legalize medical marijuana. The state legislature attempted to pass a bill that would impose a more restricted medical marijuana program, but the bill died so the initiative will decide whether the state gets medicinal cannabis.

The big initiative in November will occur in Michigan, where the state has already certified a measure that will allow voters to decide whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. However, rumors suggest that Michigan Republicans are interested in legalizing recreational cannabis through the state legislature prior to November so progressive voters will be less motivated to go to the polls. But it's not clear if those efforts will actually come to fruition.

The state of Utah is looking to include a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana this November. Pro-cannabis activists have already turned in enough signatures to get it onto the ballot. However, anti-marijuana groups are reaching out to people who signed the initiative to try and get them to recant it in hopes of killing the initiative.

The state of Missouri is also attempting to legalize medical marijuana. Pro-cannabis groups turned in signatures a few weeks ago for their ballot initiative, but the measure hasn't been certified yet. So it's not set in stone that it will appear on the ballot.

The initiative farthest away from reality at the moment is in Ohio. Just last week the state certified an effort to create a ballot initiative this November that will legalize recreational marijuana. Pro-cannabis groups now have to go out and collect enough signatures to actually turn it into a reality.

So we may add three medial marijuana and two recreational cannabis states to America in 2018. As long as people actually go out and vote.

(h/t Marijuana Business Daily


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