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This Nova Scotia Safety Company Is Promoting Better Cannabis Understanding In The Workplace

The Sayle Group, a small workplace safety company based in Bedford, Nova Scotia has been pushing its new cannabis safety program for businesses across the country.

SEO Stephen Sayle told CBC News that the program is an online training package designed to help both employers and workers deal with cannabis in the workplace, especially on the verge of legalization in the fall. It provides tips for how to stay safe and approach someone they suspect to be high. 

They stress that program is designed to be non-judgmental towards users of cannabis, and instead will focus on ways to promote better safety tactics going forward.

Beginning their soft launch last year, the company had targeted businesses across the country, ranging from IT firms to industrial companies. Most notably, the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association has given its support to the program, citing the importance of potential cannabis-related issues that could arise with drivers.

Sayle said that they expect "a whole new landscape," come October, and that they already have a wide range of companies and organizations that they are bringing on board to help create a more sensible workplace for responsible cannabis users.


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