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Notorious B.I.G. Commemorated with 'Think BIG' Cannabis Brand

The son of the highly influential rapper the Notorious B.I.G. says he's celebrating his late father's legacy by launching a cannabis brand in his honor.

Christopher Wallace, more commonly known by his stage names 'the Notorious B.I.G.' and 'Biggie Smalls' died 22 years ago yesterday in Los Angeles after being shot several times. Now, Wallace's son CJ, an accomplished entertainer in his own right, has launched a new cannabis brand called Think BIG in celebration of his father's legacy. But CJ says the legacy he wants to celebrate is a little different from the gangster persona portrayed in Biggie'ss music.

"The public perception of him was this bad guy, but deep down he was a great human, had an incredible ear, cared about his friends, his mom, his wife, his girlfriends, his daughter, his son," CJ said of his late father in an interview with Forbes. "He cared about everybody around him, to the point where he was taking care of so many people."

CJ has partnered up with his stepfather - music executive Todd Russaw - and cannabis entrepreneur Willie Mack. Mack says that beyond producing high quality cannabis and apparel, Think BIG will also have a strong focus on developing social justice initiatives.

"Our challenge to the world is to first think bigger about your place in it. The rise of social justice movements like BLM, LGBTQ+ rights, and the fight for socially equitable democracies around the world is rising and cannabis is a big part of that conversation," said Mack.

A selection of t-shirts are now available for purchase over on the brand's website right now. Think BIG's first cannabis strain, named Frank White is expected to hit shelves in April.


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