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Did Nostradamus Predict That Donald Trump Would Be Impeached?

Nobody could've predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election - except, of course, Nostradamus. The 16th century seer - who was born 513 years ago this week - has been credited with foreseeing events ranging from the French Revolution to the September 11 Attacks. And he also pegged Trump as America's 45th president, according to Rob Beschizza of BoingBoing.

Last February, Beschizza put together an interpretation of Nostradamus' prophetic poetry that might offer a glimpse of what will happen during Trump's presidency.

First thing's first, Trump is not the antichrist - at least not according to Beschizza's reading of Nostradamus. The seer predicted that there would be three antichrists. Believers generally assume that Napoleon Bonaparte was the first and Adolf Hitler was the second. The third, who will trigger the end of the world, hasn't emerged yet - we think (cue dramatic music).

And it's not Trump based on Beschizza's interpretation, which will probably miff The Donald given how thin skinned he is. You can just picture Trump wearing a "Make the Apocalypse Great Again" hat at a podium while telling supporters, "Nostradamus was a loser, okay? Nobody ends the world like Donald Trump. And we're not stopping at earth. America is going to end so many worlds, it'll be fantastic. That's why blackholes love me."

So instead of focusing on the antichrist, Beschizza looked at Nostradamus' references to a specific musical instrument: the trumpet. And he singled out that one type of horn because another word for "trumpet" is "trump." After scanning the seer's verses, Beschizza found four interesting references that might reveal three major events in the Trump Administration.

1. Trump will cause unrest in the Mediterranean that will cause the Euro to crash.
2. Trump will trigger a religious war in the Middle East.
3. Trump will get impeached by the Senate.

Check out Beschizza's article for the specifics behind his interpretation.

Banner image: Trump and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, July 2016 (


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