Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions Can Answer Your Cannabis Questions

This post is brought to you by Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions.

When Civilized ran its annual Cannabis Culture Poll in 2018, we found that 58 percent of Canadians had never tried cannabis before. Now that it’s legal and available coast to coast, we can expect that number to drop.

But what if you’re part of this 58 percent, and you want to try cannabis but have no idea where to start? Can it be used to treat your medical conditions? Will it interact with medications you’re already taking? Can it be used to replace opioids and other painkillers?

That’s where Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) comes in. NTS is one of Canada's leading providers of pharmacist services to hospitals, family health teams, insurance providers and the public. They can connect you with a team of pharmacists to answer your most pressing questions about cannabis. Moreover, they can assist you with questions about possible health benefits, drug interactions, side effects and more.

You can call Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions' information line toll-free at 1-888-420-1522. You can also access their website here, or send an email to

Please note that Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions does not grow, sell or distribute cannabis or cannabis related products.


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