North Dakota Will Officially Vote on Recreational Marijuana Legalization This November

While most marijuana advocates are looking at Michigan as the next possible state to legalize recreational marijuana, it turns out we should be watching another state in the Great Plains as well.

North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger has certified that a petition to add a recreational marijuana ballot initiative in the state has succeeded. The petition needed 13,452 signatures, but received over 14,000 valid signatures so it will make it on the ballot this November.

The proposal on the ballot will legalize the use of marijuana for anyone 21 or over and will also seal the records of anyone convicted of a cannabis-related crime as well.

The question remains: Will the measure pass this November? North Dakota is a fairly conservative state and they only legalized medical marijuana two years ago. In comparison, Michigan's had a successful medical marijuana industry for nearly a decade and polls indicate that their ballot initiative to legalize marijuana this November has support of around 60 percent of the state.

Legalize ND, the organization behind North Dakota's recreational marijuana petition, says they will use arguments about wasting money putting people in jail for marijuana and also highlight that the new laws will not expand the government or require any increased state spending.

So we may have not one, but two new recreational marijuana states come this November.

(h/t U.S. News and World Report)


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