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North Carolina Lawmakers Will Discuss Legalizing Marijuana This Week

As more and more states legalize marijuana, states that are stuck in the Stone Age are looking to enter the modern era. And North Carolina may be the next state to take that step.

Lawmakers in North Carolina will discuss plans to legalize marijuana this week. North Carolina State Representative Kelly Alexander says she will be meeting with her colleagues this week to work on a roadmap for reforming the state's marijuana laws. North Carolina is currently one of the few states in the United States that has legalized neither medical nor recreational cannabis.

“It’s time now for the legislators in North Carolina to catch up with the people,” Alexander said.

One of the interesting policies that Alexander has brought up is an ABC system that North Carolina applies to alcohol. An ABC system is where the state allows local jurisdictions to make their own laws regarding alcohol. So some counties in North Carolina are "dry counties," meaning they prohibit the sale of alcohol, while other counties are "wet," so they do sell alcohol. Alexander said applying the ABC system to marijuana is one possible solution to the issue.

Although this system is actually somewhat controversial as some studies have shown that dry counties actually have higher rates of DUIs and drunk driving fatalities because people need to travel outside of their areas in order to purchase alcohol. And it would be somewhat difficult with marijuana because the state would still need to decriminalize marijuana otherwise someone could be arrested and charged with cannabis possession in one county while it's perfectly legal in another.

But perhaps North Carolina lawmakers will be able to hammer out a system that works over the course of the next few weeks.

(h/t Fox 8)


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