Does Your Member Of Congress Get A Passing Grade On Marijuana Reform?

School is still in session, but members of Congress received their report cards early this year. To celebrate 420, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) released grades for every representative and senator in the 114th United States Congress.The grades are based on each member's 2015 voting records, their record of supporting marijuana legislation, and statements made on marijuana reform.

Here are some of the highlights from NORML's report.

1. Congress as a whole passed - barely

In total, 58 percent of members (258 representatives and 54 senators) received a grade of 'C' of higher. As for individual members, 13 percent (28 reps and 28 senators) received 'C's.'

2. Southern politicians had the most failing grades

Only 7 percent of members received an 'F' - 20 representatives and 17 senators. For the House, 20 failing marks out of 435 isn't bad, but the number for the Senate is somewhat alarming as the 17 failures represent nearly nearly one fifth of its members. The region with the most failing grades was the South, which received 17 of the 37 'F' grades (approximately 46 percent). The region with the second-worst record was the Midwest, where 12 members received failing grades.

3. Most members did very good but not excellent

More 'B's' were handed out than any other grade, with 41 percent of members (193 reps and 28 senators) receiving "very good" standing among their peers. However, only four percent of members (17 reps and 2 senators) received 'A's.' The West was the most progressive region with 12 of the 19 'A' grades.

4. Democrats outdid Republicans

You'll be shocked to learn that Democrats outscored Republicans on the marijuana question. Of the 233 Dems in Congress, 89 percent (208 members) were given grades of 'C' or higher whereas only 34 percent or 102 of the 302 GOP members of Congress received a 'C' or higer grade.

5. Notable members

Notable grades went to the usual suspects. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders - the most progressive presidential candidate on the marijuana issue - received an 'A.' Texas Senator (and current presidential candidate) Ted Cruz received a 'B' because he supports each state's right to legalize marijuana. Meanwhile, Florida Senator (and former presidential candidate) Marco Rubio received an 'F' for his outspoken opposition to legalization.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Oregon) - a longtime legalization advocate - also received an 'A.' And somehow Georgia Senator Jeff Sessions, who recently said "good people don't smoke marijuana," received an 'F.'

If you want to find out how your state's representatives and senators ranked, check out the full report from NORML.


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