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1 in 3 Non-Consumers Are Curious About Trying Cannabis in the United States

Last February, PSB conducted an online survey with 1,004 adults in the United States and 600 adults in Canada on behalf of Civilized to help us keep up with the latest views held by North Americans on topics and behaviors related to marijuana. Our two research groups were made up of both cannabis users and non-users, and they were asked a variety of questions about their cannabis-related behaviors, habits, opinions, and other experiences.

Participants were asked “Would you ever consider using cannabis?” and of our American respondents, we found that nearly 1 in 3 non-consumers are curious about trying cannabis. Specifically, 31% of non-users in the U.S. said they would consider using cannabis, up much from the 20% figure from last year's Civilized/PSB survey. In our Canadian survey, however, the number drops to only 1 in 5 non-consumers (21%) saying they are curious about trying cannabis. The Canadian figure is also up from last year's survey, in which only 17% of respondents said they would consider trying marijuana.

While we weren't necessarily surprised to learn that nearly 1 in 3 non-consumers are curious about trying cannabis, at least in America, we think that next year's survey will see another increase in how many people (from both the U.S. and Canada) say they would consider using marijuana. We believe this not just because of the increase we saw from last year's survey, but also because the results of our survey were typically lower than those of similar polls. For example, a 2017 Dalhousie University survey found that nearly half (46%) of Canadian adults have an interest in trying cannabis-infused food products as a recreational activity when they became available on the market, a noticeably higher figure than the 1 in 5 non-using respondents in our survey who said they would consider using cannabis.

To end, we believe that as more U.S. states legalize cannabis and the herb becomes more mainstream throughout Canada, where marijuana is now legal in the entire country, more adults across North America will become more curious about marijuana and want to try it either as a medical remedy or for a bit of fun.


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