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Don’t Expect To See Snoop Dogg In Canadian Pot Ads: Canada Bans Celebrity Endorsement Deals

Don't hold your breath if you were hoping to see Snoop Dogg as a spokesman for legal cannabis in Canada. Parliamentary Secretary Bill Blair says celebrity endorsements won't be sanctioned under Canada's recreational marijuana regime, which will heavily regulate how cannabis products can be marketed.

"It’s not the government’s intention to promote the use of this drug," Blair told Global News. "We are not allowing the heavy marketing that we’ve seen with other products, alcohol for example, and so there will be severe restrictions on things like celebrity endorsement and [company] sponsorship."

That means that despite the growing number of celebrity cannabis investors - including The Tragically Hip and Gene Simmons - you won't be seeing their faces on pot ads in Canada.

This decision falls in line with the restrictive packaging laws that will be enforced by Canadian feds. These regulations have already been under fire for being too heavy-handed. But Blair believes its better to start strong and and relax regulations if it seems fit down the road.

"I think you can be very strict and with experience, and time, if you find that you can ease up or perhaps alter your approach, that’s something that can be done."

So, even though The Trailer Park Boys and Snoop Dogg have their own cannabis brands in Canada, don't expect to see them smoking up in ads any time soon.


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