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No More Lonely Takeout For Patrons At This 'Take In' Restaurant In Finland

A new pop-up restaurant in Finland is aiming to make your Chinese take-out for one a little less depressing.

‘Take In’ - developed by American Express and the Wolt delivery food app - has ample seating, wait staff and a bar, but no kitchen.

Instead, patrons can order takeout from numerous local restaurants via Wolt (available in Finland, Sweden and Estonia) and have it delivered and served to them among other lonely diners at the Helsinki location. At least 20 of the eateries available through the app don’t charge a delivery fee for food ordered at Take In.

Described as “a living room in the city”, the pop-up has “definitely encouraged social eating", according to Wolt Finland general manager Lotta Wikman.

Wikman said the restaurant has so far attracted a variety of couples, friends and big families, with a minimum of two people per table.

The pop-up is only open until Feb. 4, but perhaps it will serve as inspiration closer to home.

In the meantime, we don’t recommend ordering takeout from another restaurant next time you’re dining out. 

h/t The Telegraph, The Independent


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