Nike Is Breaking Out Cannabis-Themed Kicks To Celebrate 4/20

Nike is celebrating 4/20 this year by releasing cannabis-themed kicks called 'White Widow.' The sneakers, which are named after the popular strain of the same name, were designed by skateboard artist Todd Bratrud, who used mint green and off-white tones of hairy suede to mimic the strain's frosty buds.

The shoes also come with a stash pocket under the tongue to stow a couple grams while you're on the go.

'White Widow' marks the third time that Nike has commemorated cannabis culture with specialty footwear. In the past, they've released the Nike SB Dunk High "Skunk" shoes as well as the Nike SB Dunk High "Cheech & Chong" sneakers.

But the latest is definitely the greatest. Just look at these beauts.

And the price is also pretty damn attractive. You can pick up a pair of White Widows this Friday for $100 at retailers or through

h/t SF Gate

Banner Image: toddbratrud (Instagram)


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