Ex-NFL Star Christian Okoye Says Marijuana Saved His Body From Injuries

We often hear about former NFL players who use marijuana or cannabis-based products to help overcome the injuries from their career. But one former star is going as far as saying cannabis saved his body.

Former NFL great Christian Okoye told TMZ that using CBD saved his body after the injuries he sustained during his playing career. He said he initially used prescription painkillers to cope with the pain, but began using CBD instead. He's now able to live a pain-free life without the dangerous side effects of opioids.

Okoye was a star player in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In his six-year career, he led the league in rushing once and went to two Pro Bowls. But injuries led him to retire after only six years in the league. He said his body hurt so much, trying to even go for a slow jog was a major challenge.

Okoye also said he recently signed on to become a sponsor for Kannaway, a company that specializes it making CBD health products.

Despite mounting evidence that cannabis can help NFL players cope with their injuries, the NFL still refuses to allow the use of the drug even in states where medical marijuana is legal. However, it's not clear if that's because the league is fundamentally against allowing cannabis or if it's out of fear of the federal government. 

What the league needs is active players to speak out and advocate for rule changes. It just doesn't mean as much when players who have been out of the NFL for decades come out and advocate for it.

(h/t TMZ)


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