Ex-NFL Players Create Parody Commercials to Call Out Anti-Marijuana Policies

Several former NFL players have made statements criticizing the league for enforcing rules that ban medical marijuana while being completely fine with athletes using dangerous prescription painkillers. And now a group of players are getting together to call out the NFL in a commercial.

The Netflix show Disjointed features fake commercials in between scenes on the show to help continue the vibe that it's a multi-camera sitcom. But one of the fake commercials they're using in the upcoming second part of the show's first season is pretty real, and actually pretty good. It features a handful of former NFL players, such as Ricky Williams and Jim McMahon, who discuss how using cannabis has helped them deal with injuries both during and after their playing days. They also call out the league for not supporting marijuana and forcing players to stick with prescription painkillers. Take a look at the ad:

So while this may be a "fake ad," it is putting out a very real and important message.

Ironically, this is coming from Disjointed, which basically relies on the same old tired stoner clichés for 95 percent of its jokes. But if the show actually continues putting out more content like this to advance pro-marijuana arguments, it may be able to escape that reputation.

(h/t CBS Sports)


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