NFL Player Arrested for Having Marijuana Delivered to His House

The NFL season recently ended with the Super Bowl last Sunday, so now players are enjoying their offseason activities. However for one player, those offseason activities will likely involve some court appearances.

New Orleans Saints player David Onyemata was arrested and charged with marijuana possession yesterday. According to the New Orleans' Sheriff's Department, U.S. border patrol agents seized a package that contained marijuana that was addressed to Onyemata's apartment in New Orleans. The border patrol agents contacted the New Orleans' sheriff's office, who then conducted a "controlled delivery," where they delivered the package to Onyemata's apartment and then arrested him when he brought it inside. They found around 80 grams of cannabis products in his house during the arrest.

Now, you may be saying that sounds like entrapment. But the officers say it's not. They say they weren't targeting Onyemata or trying to arrest someone for simple marijuana possession. They were attempting to track down a drug dealer based off a tip from a federal agency. Of course, they didn't cite any evidence that Onyemata could've been a drug dealer other than this package.

Luckily for Onyemata, the amount of cannabis found in his home was not enough for drug distribution charges, so he simply got charged possession. He wasn't even taken to jail after his arrest, simply given a court summons. But you'd have to assume the NFL or the Saints will punish him for this incident through a suspension. 

Meanwhile, who knows how many crimes were being committed while police officers were pretending to be FedEx drivers to arrest someone for marijuana.

(h/t NOLA)


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