Newspaper Documents All the Horrible Deeds Committed by the Sheriff Trump Just Pardoned

A few days ago, President Donald Trump received intense criticism following his decision to pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio's known for his anti-immigrant policies while serving as sheriff, as well as his interest in several right-wing conspiracies, particularly the Barack Obama "Birther" conspiracy. 

Arpaio had been convicted of criminal contempt for some of his anti-immigrant tactics while serving as sheriff, making Trump's pardon controversial because he's letting a man get away with racist crimes. But there's a lot more controversy surrounding Arpaio. His entire tenure as sheriff is shrouded in controversy, with many of his policies being accused of being either racist or just flat-out illegal.

An Arizona newspaper, called the Phoenix New Times, responded to Trump's pardon by tweeting out a list of their articles over the years that covered Arpaio's notorious deeds. Here's a collection of those tweets.

By the way, that's just a few of the tweets they sent. You can check out the Phoenix New Times' Twitter account for more.

Just another pro-fascist policy supported by President Trump.


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