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Major Newspaper Calls for 'Amsterdam-Like Cafes' for Public Marijuana Use

The state of California will legalize recreational marijuana on January 1st. But while everyone will be able to purchase cannabis at legal dispensaries, that still leaves the issue of where can they use it. Well, one newspaper is proposing the creation of "Amsterdam-like cafes" for exactly that purpose.

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial about the lack of places where people will be allowed to smoke marijuana when it becomes legal on January 1st. They noticed that marijuana use is allowed "not in public places, such as streets or in parks. Not in a car. Not in any space — such as a bar or office building — where tobacco smoking is already banned. Not on the premises of any business where tobacco or alcohol is sold. Landlords and property owners also can ban smoking in apartments and hotel rooms." Basically, the only place allowed is in the private home. But they noted that the law that legalized marijuana permits designated businesses to allow marijuana consumption, but unfortunately no one's taken up that offer.

So the newspaper has called on cities in California to begin creating safe public spaces for marijuana consumption. They wrote, "It’s neither rational nor fair for the state to legalize marijuana and then make it nearly impossible for people to use it without running afoul of the law. Getting caught smoking pot in public can result in fines of up to $250."

They also noted that while landlords and businesses can ban tobacco smoking in their establishments, smokers always have the option of simply going outside since it's perfectly legal in the great outdoors. Marijuana users do not have that option. They also said it's hypocritical of local governments to be perfectly fine collecting tax revenue from marijuana sales while also blocking public spaces for marijuana use out of fear of "promoting drug use."

On the bright side, it's pretty much legal to eat brownies wherever you want.


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