New Zealand Loses Itself For “Lose Yourself”

In 2014, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known by his stage name Eminem, filed a suit against New Zealand’s conservative National Party for copyright infringement. For the party’s 2014 election campaign ad, it copied Eminem’s 2002 hit song, “Lose Yourself”. The party says it purchased the track, titled “Eminem Esque”, from an Australian-based music stock supplier. Although the party claims it would never use an unlicensed song in a campaign ad, email exchanges between party agents show that they had some concern for the song they described as an Eminem “sound-alike”. The judge-only case is ruled by Judge Helen Cull and is expected to last about six days.   


Greece is a small and picturesque country, occupying an Alabama-sized 50,000 square miles of mountainous terrain replete with thousands of islands, age-old ruins, and the longest coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to many ancient traditions that span centuries, like the theatrical art forms of drama, tragedy, and satire that were born there to honor Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, fertility, madness, and ecstasy. Greece is also also the birthplace of direct democracy, a form of government which continues to this day.

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