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New York Police Officer Arrested for Selling Marijuana

Police officers often advocate to keep marijuana illegal, usually for not very good reasons. But it appears one New York Police officer wanted to keep cannabis illegal so he could continue making a profit selling it.

NYPD officer Gilberto Mercedes was arrested on Friday for selling a $25 bag of marijuana inside of a liquor store that he co-owns. He was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child after he sold a bottle of vodka to a police informant who was under the age of 21. He was also found with a gun in his possession at the time of his arrest. 

Mercedes' lawyer insists that the police officer does not own nor does he work at the liquor store that he's accused of committing these crimes. And an employee for the liquor store told the New York Post that the charges were "100 percent false." 

It's not clear if the police were initiating some sort of sting against Mercedes or how exactly they knew about the $25 marijuana sale. Although it seems the weapon charge and the selling vodka to a minor are a little more serious than the $25 worth of cannabis.

It's always good to see police officers not showing the respect for the law that they demand other people follow.

(h/t New York Post)


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