New York State Police Promote Marijuana Bust on Social Media and Get Roasted by Fans

Police departments like to announce when they've made big drug busts. Usually these announcements garner a lot of positive press coverage. But the New York State Police learned that when the drug you seize is marijuana, you might not get the right kind of attention.

The New York State Police seized $30,000 worth of marijuana from an island in the middle of a state river. Considering the worth of the product, they thought this would be excellent press for the department so they posted about the bust on their Facebook page. Here is their post:


Unfortunately for the police, the post did not receive the response from their Facebook fans as expected. The post currently has nearly 2,000 likes/reactions and 500 shares, as well as over 300 comments. But most of those posters are not applauding the drug bust.

"Show me a boat load of heroin and I will be impressed," reads the highest liked comment on the post.

"LMFAO good waste of resources BOYS. If you haven't figured it out by now, YOU NEVER WILL. Marijuana is not the problem it never has been and it never will be," reads the second highest liked comment.

The best comment though says, "Thank God you wasted all those tax dollars getting rid of some jazz cabbage. A bag of Doritos owes you their life."

The vast majority of the comments criticize the police for wasting their resources on seizing marijuana when there are far more dangerous drugs out there that the could be focusing on. 

Maybe if they made this Facebook post in 1987 this would've gotten a hardy round of applause. But today, it just highlights the misguided priorities of America's police departments.


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