New York Health Department Officially Recommends Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

The push for marijuana legalization in New York has gotten stronger in recent months, and now a new report from the state's Department of Health will only continue that momentum.

On Friday the New York Department of Health released a report that recommended the state legalize recreational marijuana. The report noted that doing so would help alleviate the state's opioid crisis, generate tax revenue and help end racial disparities when it comes to drug arrests.

“The positive effects of a regulated marijuana market in NYS outweigh the potential negative impacts,” the report said. “Numerous NYS agencies and subject matter experts in the fields of public health, mental health, substance use, public safety, transportation, and economics worked in developing this assessment. No insurmountable obstacles to regulation of marijuana were raised.”

The report was originally commissioned by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo had previously opposed legalizing recreational marijuana, but earlier this year began to evolve on the issue. He first commissioned this study, and in numerous statements has indicated he would not oppose those efforts.

The actual outcome of the report was known in previous weeks, but the actual report is 75 pages full of data and testimony that New York cannabis advocates can use to finally get legalization passed.

Certainly now that the state's Department of Health has given the ok, it will be nearly impossible for anti-marijuana advocates to claim that legalization would be harmful for New York.

(h/t Mother Jones)


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