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New York Health Department Recommends Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Earlier this year New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commissioned a study about the possible effects of legalizing marijuana and whether it would be a good idea for the state to do so. And now the results are back, and they're looking quite good.

The New York Health Department announced that they finished their study on the possible effects of legalizing marijuana, and they are prepared to recommend that the state do so.

“We looked at the pros, we looked at the cons, and when we were done, we realized that the pros outweighed the cons,” said Dr. Howard Zucker, the New York Health Commissioner.

While the report isn't finalized, and it's not quite clear what exactly the pros and cons are that the Health Department discovered, it's clear this is a major turning point for legalization in New York. One source close to Governor Cuomo told the New York Times that it's no longer a question of "if" New York will legalize recreational cannabis, but rather "how" they will do so.

Cuomo used to be a pretty major anti-marijuana Democrat. As governor, he refused to allow the New York medical marijuana program to include smokeable forms of cannabis. And he opposed all legalization proposals put before him. But his thinking apparently changed earlier this year when he commissioned this study on legalization. 

The governor is currently running for re-election this November and some of his political opponents are accusing him of using this study as a way to appeal to left-leaning voters. However, that seems unlikely considering Cuomo is expected to easily win re-election regardless of his marijuana views.

But it seems very likely we'll see some movement on legalization in the very near future in New York.

(h/t New York Times)


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