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New York Governor Takes Major Step Towards Legalizing Marijuana

Last month the New York Department of Health released a report recommending that the state legalize recreational marijuana. And it appears the state's governor is working to make it happen.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has put together a working group to write a bill that will legalize recreational marijuana. The bill will attempt to include the recommendations made by the Department of Health in their report, as well as address other issues related to legalization.

“As we work to implement the report’s recommendations through legislation, we must thoroughly consider all aspects of a regulated marijuana program, including its impact on public health, criminal justice and State revenue, and mitigate any potential risks associated with it,” Cuomo said in a statement.

Once the bill is written, it will be sent to the state's legislature for a vote. If it passes, it will presumably be signed by Cuomo making it officially the law.

This is a huge step for New York and marijuana legalization. Cuomo previously opposed legalizing recreational marijuana, but earlier this year seemed to evolve on the issue and ordered the Department of Health to study the effects of possibly legalizing cannabis. Since then he's made several statements indicating his support for legalization, and this move seems to prove that he's not just considering legalizing marijuana, but would support it if the legislature passes a bill.

So it's very possible New York will become one of the next states to legalize marijuana.

(h/t Vox)


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