New York Democrats Endorse Legalizing Marijuana

While the Democratic Party is generally more open to marijuana legalization, they've still been hesitant to endorse it. Well that's about to change in New York.

The New York Democratic Party is preparing to endorse marijuana legalization as part of its official platform, according to leaks obtained by the New York Post. The leaked document supposedly said, "WANT TO HIGHLIGHT THIS," in regards to marijuana legalization, meaning they're obviously hoping this will make a splash.

Of course, it's a little weird for New York Democrats to endorse the issue when incumbent Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn't endorsed the issue. In fact, it's Cuomo's challenger for the Democratic nomination, actress Cynthia Nixon, who has endorsed legalization. But Cuomo did approve a study of the effects of legalization in January, and the leaked document did say that the governor was ok with adding marijuana legalization to the party platform. So this may be yet another sign that Cuomo is evolving on the issue.

Marijuana legalization may also be a way for New York Democrats to appease Bernie Sanders supporters, without giving them concessions on other issues. The Democratic Party currently only allows registered Democrats to vote in their primaries. Many Sanders supporters were registered as independents, and were forced to register as Democrats to vote for Sanders. They wanted the Democratic Party to allow independent voters to take part in their primary, but it appears that will not be added to the new platform.

But really, it's taken way too long for New York Democrats to finally endorse this issue.

(h/t New York Post)


Many are waiting for the next state to make the major step of legalizing recreational marijuana, and according to one state senator, the state to watch is New Mexico. New Mexico State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino says he believes a bill he recently introduced to legalize recreational marijuana will pass in the near future. A similar bill was introduced last year in the New Mexico state house, but it failed to get enough support.

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